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Safe and speedy computing

Keep your computer running smoothly, take the following steps periodically:

Most importantly, install a known good Anti Virus program and update it daily.

A good efficient anti virus protection is microsofts Security Essentials. It is free and not in your face.

Do NOT install more than one anti virus software on your computer.They will clash and slow your comp down.

Next go to (Start) (All Programs) and run (Windows Update). Do this weekly. Most comps do this automatically.

Also go to (START),( All Programs), (Accessories), (System Tools) and run ( Disc Clean up ) and (Defrag) and run these monthly.

Anti Virus. A good anti virus program protects your computer against the relentless assault of viri, malware, hackers and dangerous sites. It can only do its job if it is up to date. New threats are entering the internet continuously. Please follow the recommendations of your anti virus software. Please do not invite a virus by overriding your anti virus software! Do NOT respond to on line warnings that ‘just pop up’. Trust your known good software.

Windows Update.  It is essential.

Disk Clean up means just that. Your local disk (hard drive) stores all activity important or not, creates back up files and even keeps broken, deleted and duplicated files. Imagine an office where nothing is thrown out. Eventually it grinds to a halt. Clean up means speed up. Do it.

Defrag is just as important. I mentioned earlier that all activity is recorded on your hard drive. It is recorded on any quickly available space but not in the most efficient order. Over time files are scattered all over the disk (fragmented). This means when you call for a file the hard drive has to locate all file and or program parts and assemble them. This is time intensive and slows your tasks down. Get the disk organised with microsofts Defrag, save time and prevent crashes. Good idea.

Look after you computer, stay safe and avoid frustration.

Happy computing.

Hans-H. Ihnen

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